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A Bride's Tale
Friday, July 11, 2003  
Today is friday. And as usual I have serious problems focusing on work when it is summertime and I am about to go down the shore for some serious sun and sand. I am writing in my BLOG not out of a serious desire to write but at the request of a certain blog reader (who is my only fan)! You will know who you are (james)...

Anyway, the latest in the wedding saga is that Mike and I can't get shit done. Facts are that there are a million and one ways to do the exact same thing. Let's take wedding cakes as an example:

Wedding cakes are super expensive rips offs. You can have yellow sponge cake, chocolate sponge cake, carrot cake, pound cake, lemon poppy seed cake, devils food cake, almond cake, etc. etc....Filling up that cake can be apricot filling, chocolate ganache, buttercream, whipped cream, cherries, white chocolate mousse, etc. etc. Topping that cake you can have fondant, buttercream, fondant flowers, little gold balls, fresh flowers or anything your little heart desires, etc. etc. - CAN WE SEE NOW WHY THIS SHIT IS SO UN-NERVING...IT IS A FUCKING CAKE FOR GOODNESS SAKES! I am so sick of making these stupid decisions. it is BORING. So, just when you have gotten to the end of your teather...you have to pay $10 a slice for 125 people! And as one particualrty wonkey-eyed pastry chef in Totowa, NJ told me that, "...you need to make sure that each slice is huge or you will have a lot of cake left over!" uh...FUCK YOU AND TRYING TO MAKE ME BUY TOO MUCH CAKE FROM YOU SO AS TO CHARGE ME AN ARM AND A LEG YOU WEDDING RAPIST. FUCK YOU AND YOUR FONDANT TOO. Love, Aliza.

1:14 PM

Wednesday, June 04, 2003  
Dear Blog,

I know I haven't been around lately but work has been super pumped lately. This weekend I flew to SF for a conference on Sunday night...I had a nice day walking around my old neighborhood, chomping on a burrito, and enjoying the beautiful weather. That night I got a good night sleep...I knew the onslaught of work and travel was to come...I woke up Sunday morning and I worked to about 2PM...then i went to the Moscone Center (where the trade show was) and stood in my heels for about 4 hours straight schmoozing clients and what not. Sunday night I got together with my old friend Patrick who gave me a tour of his new home (beautiful) and took me out to dinner. It was fabulous and I had a SF star sighting. Bruce Fallanch (sp?) the dude who does all that superb comedy writing for the Oscars. He was there with all his gay friends drinking wine and filling his rolly polly belly with gourmet vittels. We drank a lot of wine and ate good food while discussing the prevalance of HIV in their community of friends. Pat & Doug have been together like 13 years and have remained monogamous for most of that time...they are proud of how different they are than the rest of the gay community. I don't think they think they are better than anyone else - just a tad smarter and more responsible. Pat & Doug teach me all the naughty things they learn from their single friends like...CBT "cock n ball torture" or PNP "party n play" which refers to the use of crystal meth and then having sex with strangers. They are the only ones of whom I can really talk about my sex life...Women just aren't the same as your gay male friends. I love being a fag hag. Well, at least I was for one night!

12:05 PM

Friday, May 16, 2003  
Yet again...I have slacked off on the blog. Can anyone see a consistent theme? Anyways, things have been OK lately and I am just trying to come to terms with the fact that I am now in my 30's...my birthday weekend is this weekend cause this year i got the lame-o Monday birthday. The only thing good about having your b-day during the week was when you were a kid and brought cupcakes in for everyone. Man, you felt like the fucking hero for a day! I never really felt like I fit in when I was a tot so it was nice to have that feeling like everyone liked me. even tho it was fake as the frosting adorning that cupcake. i felt bad for the kids who had summer birthdays and never had the day to feel beloved by all their classmates. but, they probably didn't care...it was summertime and they were probably chillin by a pool somewhere do nuthin'. Mike is planning something for Monday night and I don't know what it is...I assume it involves some sort of dinner and lovin' (AROOO!)_but, i don't know exactly. Which I like...I LOVE surprises. Gots to run to yoga and get a workout in before the little pud comes NYC for bridesmaid stuff, shopping, and my birfday. YEA!

9:50 AM

Friday, May 09, 2003  
I have been bad and not been writing since last week. The excuse...yes, I was busy. But, as Mike reminded me this morning that I hadn't updated in a week I thought I would post today. It may not be long, but at least I would do it. This week has been another fast week with one florist appointment and one caterer appointment to spice things up. NOT. Anyway, Mike and I went to NJ last night to take a look at the mansion with the caterers and talk about what we'd do with the space. It was actually pretty fun for me. MIke, I am not sure about...but, as always...my man hangs out and is supportive and that is why he is my partner in crime. This mansion is so cool. I basically grew up around this building as my mom worked there throughout my childhood (and still does)! I remember as a child always loving the mansion and everytime I would enter the main room this overwhelming "WOAH" feeling would come over me. Maybe it was because I was small and the room was a lot bigger. But, all in all - it's because it truly is a beautiful place. This was something I tried not to think about as I started planning this wedding. I wanted sleek NYC stlye. Mike and I met in NYC, fell in love NYC, and wanted so much to hvae the wedding in NYC. However, as economics forced reality upon me and mike...we turn to the cheapest and most intriguing solution to our problem...the mansion. To be perfectly honest, even tho the city would be much easier for me to deal with logistically...and was what we wanted originally...it turns out that this place, this mansion has real meaning to me...and that makes it more special than any loft could ever be.
7:27 AM

Friday, May 02, 2003  
I know, I know...I skipped a day. But, I was busy at work. Which is a good thing for me. For the past year and a half (almost two years), I have been trying to "find myself" within my career. I realize that many people around the country have been through a similar thing since Sept. 11th. However, that knowledge never made it any easier or any less painful. I know that I was lucky to have been employed most of the time..but, if we take a granular look at where I was...well, maybe I would have been better off hanging out and going to the gym 2X a day! That road began with getting laid off from Uproar in June 2001, then Super-Lame Supernova, then convinced myself I was going to be a Financial Planner at the "House of Paine" - Paine Webber, then to "Verbally Abuse Me" Virtually Media, and finally...I have landed at RichFX. RichFX produces interactive versions of print catalogs...www.spiegel.com. I am back in my old field of marketing and advertising. A soothing, oatmeal bath of work and people. It is not all a perfect $5 coffee milkshake...this place has its flaws like all workplaces. But, all in all I think this is the best product I have ever sold while not being evil (Avid) and not being bullshit (Uproar) and not being risky (Paine Webber) or non-existent (SuperNova)...I know that Mike has been patient as a saint with me starting new jobs the WHOLE time we have been together...it is not easy to be the new guy every 6-8 months. That is one of the reasons why i think he is so fab. His support has been invaluable to me and enabled me to get through those tough first months over and over again. I have finally gotten through those tough first weeks here at RichFX and now I have realized that I feel good, calm, and excited about what the future will bring. and hopefully...that future will include fatty commission checks! and boy do we need it...this wedding is killing me!
10:04 AM

Wednesday, April 30, 2003  
Good Morning BLOG. How are you today? Good? Well, that is great! Oh, I am doing just fine...thanks for asking! Last night on my way home from work, I ran into Chrissy and Mike K. who were on there way to feed the meter. I thought I would mention that cause they will prob read this...Chris said he dug my BLOG and that made me happy considering Mike had gotten me all nervous by opening my BLOG to the rest of his world via his site (www.mikedawsoncomics.com) Well, anyway...I told them that I had a story that would be today's entry...so here goes. This story is called TALES OF ANGER AT THE GYM. Part I - Yesterday, I hit the gym at lunchtime for some much needed yoga. I made my way into the locker room where I opened like every locker without a lock to find an empty one. After opening about (9) that had women's clothing stuffed in them...I finally found the only empty locker in my preferred area. So, I bend down to get my clothes out of my bag...next thing I know...some wench was about to put her lock on my locker. I was all like, "well, I was just about to put my clothes in there." And the very fast moving wench, said, "Oh, I'm sorry."and took her lock away and began to look for another location for it. Just then, I had my niceness pang of guilt and said, "oh, no that is OK I will find another locker." and she replied, "No, that is fine it was a simple mistake and I am easy like that." You would think that I would be able to let it go after her response...but, I wasn't. The way she responded in that California "It's All Good" kinda way annoyed the crap out of me. Furthermore, it was like she had been to some anger management class, and was tempering her anger with making this my problem instead of hers...cause she is easy like that. It was then that i realized I was about to get zen so, i should try and forget about some stupid woman who is now naked two feet from me...and i did. Part II - So, I make my way to the yoga studio...put my mat down at the front so I could get a good look at myself in the mirror as I fold myself into a pretzel. The last class was about to let out (it was a corny SCULPTING class) and there was a yoga mat approximately two inches from my mat. I thought the woman whose mat it was would pick it up and put it away after the Sculpt class. As I sit to get into Lotus position, this FREAK OF AN OLD HAG with a jane fonda outfit, freakish plastic surgery features, and bleach blond hair separated into (3) pony tails (one on top of head and two at the side) comes up to me all mad like and says, "I DON'T THINK YOU WANT TO SIT THAT CLOSE TO ME". I was all like, "Well, I thought you were in the last class and you were leaving." and she responded like a BITCH, "I WAS!"...then I gave my pattened "WHATEVER". I then realized once again that I was about to get zen and that I need to move my mat as far away from this freak as possible. I moved to the back of the room, got into lotus position, closed my eyes...and BREATHED.
7:43 AM

Tuesday, April 29, 2003  
Today is the first day of my BLOG. And for me this is a huge occasion...I never really have the "stick to it" to keep something like this going. I have failed at many journals over the years. Most recently, on my solo trip to Italy and Greece...and boy were there some good anecdotes to record. However, I think this whole BLOG thang may work for me as typing is infinitely faster than writing and although I am contributing to the death of letter and journal writing...I feel FAN-TASTIC (well, not really I am just trying to get you all psyched up for it!)

The reason why I am writing this?? Well, here are the reasons:
A. Michael suggested it.
B. Weddings are a time of reflection and require outlets for expression (otherwise know as bitching and complaining)
C. I want Mike to read my BLOG for a change.

It's not that I don't like to read's Mike's - I have learned a lot from reading it and i love reading all the nice things he says about me, but, it's about time that I start telling it like it is...for me...I will tell..."A BRIDE'S TALE". So, here goes people....my BLOG. Enjoy.

9:27 AM

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